It's amazing. Our only thought from the beginning was to get rid of this 1950s kitchen and use IKEA cabinets. Kirk met with us, consulted us, and informed us of better-quality products from local suppliers. We love our new Sumner-made cabinets, our Pacific-NW paints, our Oregon-made countertop, and our eco-friendly floors... all of which Kirk reco... More

Kirk and his crew did an amazing job at our commercial location in Ballard. They did it all, including framing, drywall, electrical and plumbing. Speaking of plumbing, he put in two ADA accessible restrooms where one tiny non accessible restroom used to be. Everything was by the book, he took care of all the permits, subcontracting, and more. He e... More

This letter confirms our thanks and compliments to you for the remarkable professionalism and craftsmanship that you brought to our remodel project. You delivered not only on the basic construction and trade coordination tasks that were necessarily the first order of business, but also on various design details that added unique richness to the fi... More

Kirk, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Not only are you a master craftsman, but you also run a ship-shape project. We couldn't be happier with the results. — Peg & Carl Simmons ... More

Kirk, thanks for bringing your creative spirit and energies to bear on this project. The results are fantastic! I now have a beautiful kitchen and bath with dining room doors to a super balcony and deck. I appreciate your calmness in the face of many challenges and your going the extra mile to get things done right. It's been a pleasure working wi... More

We were also impressed with the team you assembled. You, your employees and your subcontractors all performed first rate work and were always friendly and respectful of our time and space needs.

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